5" GWR Saint

Here we have a rather special opportunity.  This is the well known 5" gauge GWR 'Saint Sebastian' built by the late Fred Cottam.  The model was featured on numerous occasions in the Model Engineer, is built to a very high standard and was for many years on display in Swindon railway museum.

She's in very good overall condition and very nicely detailed too, but we feel perhaps let down eversoslightly by her paint.   Not that there's anything hugely wrong with the paint (genuine apologies if you painted her!).  We are being perfectionists here, but the lining has come out to be several different colours, and for us things are too glossy and heavy on some of the details.  The painting is of high quality for most good models, but this is a cut above most models, and so warrants an equally special finish.  We'd like to do a full re-paint whilst also adding a few more lost wax detailing bits and bobs as well as some of the scale lubrication pipe runs,..... and tidying up the backead to push her even closer toward an accurate representation of the real thing.

Essentially this is a well known and well respected exhibition quality model from an equally well respected builder,...... that we feel deserves to have a paint, lining and detailing finish to match.


For more information, or to discuss the options just drop us a line to discuss the project on 07816 963463

Sorry She's Sold!

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