5" 'Kenfig' Bagnall

Here we have another nice little 5" gauge 'Kenfig' Bagnall to the 'Ann of Holland' design.  A chunky beast these make as well,.... a very softly sprung and sturdy model that ought to put it's weight down very well.  With Big cylinders, slide valves and Walschearts gear she ought to be a powerful little thing, and ideal for a bit of heavy shunting or running round your garden track.  The wheelbase is nice and short so she ought to be able to negotiate the tightest of radii.

Fitted with an injector and an axle pump with a footplate mounted bypass.  There's a decent hand pump in the cab too, although that is currently blanked off so not in use.  It would benefit from fitting a 'T' piece into one of the other water feeds and then the hand pump will be back in service too.  Mechanically the bottom end is tight, and she runs nice and smoothly.  The boiler is copper and she comes with a good few historic certificates as well.  A bit of a project to re-commission and bring back to her full glory, but inexpensive for that reason.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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