5" King Arthur

Here we have a 5" gauge southern railway King Arthur 4-6-0.  Built originally from a Modelworks kit, but assembled and sorted by a good model engineer to make sure that it's the well performing loco that it is.  In general terms the King Arthur is one of the better Modelworks kits in terms of it building fairly easily into a working model.  The cylinders need to be modified as does the steam passageways to and from the cylinders, but for the most part it was certainly one of the better MW kits, and this one has certainly been a reliable performer for it's owner.

The boiler is the usual professional copper silver soldered job.  Fitted with a mechanical lubricator tucked away under the boiler, the model is fed by a pair of injectors as well as a hand pump in the large tender.  Fitted with a seat and foot pegs as you can see, so she's ready for ground level running as well as raised track, so if you've ever fancied joining in with the scale train running at any GL5 event, then this could be the very tool for the job!

A nicely finished model, well presented and in good mechanical condition, fully ticketed and ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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