5" King Arthur Kit

Here we have a complete kit for a Winson/Modelworks 5" Gauge King Arthur.  It was purchased brand new by it's previous owner directly from Winson initially (for the first few kits), and then after a 7 month interlude in the middle while the receivers did their thing, the remaining kits to complete the model were shipped from Modelworks.

The first few kits have been assembled some time ago, and although doused in WD40 to protect the surfaces they show a very light amount of surface rust.  It is superficial and will rub off with a decent bit of wire wool.  Most of the boxes have only been opened a couple of times to check their contents.  Once when the original owner purchased the kit, and once when we did so to make sure that essentially it was all there.  Whilst we can't really spend the time checking that every last component is there, we have had a pretty thorough look through and it all certainly appears to be, and as it has come from it's original purchaser, complete with a heafty ring binder of original documentation,.... there is no reason to think anything should be missing.  It's also obviously pretty much all still labeled up as you'd expect.

These can be built into lovely and successful models, indeed we had a very good one in earlier in the year, which you will find here in our archives.  There's also a description here of some of the work that was done to the cylinders to get it to perform really well, and sound as good as it does!

There are a lot here for the money, (which is essentially less than half the original 90s kit cost),.... including the brand new professional silver soldered copper boiler, and whilst there will be the usual 'refinements' necessary to complete the kit into the model it deserves to be, we would be happy to do the tricky bits of the construction for you, if you don't have the skills or the time.


Sorry It's Sold!

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