Here we have a 5" gauge LBSCR C2x class built to the 'Minx' design by, confusingly,... LBSC!  This is a competently made Minx, made with Joy valve gear.  Minx is a well proven design and they make for a strong loco, capable of hauling a decent load as well as free steaming.  It's not an accurate scale model of a London Brighton and South Coast Railway C2x, because prototypical accuracy wasn't LBSC's thing.  But it's a reasonable representation and certainly they are close enough to be eligible for the GL5 main line rally scene.

The model is most definitely in 'run' condition, and isn't going to win any exhibitions, but on a 'working engine' like this it doesn't detract too much from the model.  Certainly mechanically she's in good condition.  The bearings and bottom end aren't too worn and it runs very nicely.  Fitted with an injector, an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass and a hand pump in the tender, and with mechanical lubrication tucked away under the front as usual.  The boiler is silver soldered copper and comes freshly tested hydraulically to twice working pressure, and also fully steam tested and ready top play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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