5" LBSC C3

Here we have a part built LBSCR C3 version of the LBSCR / SOUTHERN C2X design.  The model is based upon LBSC's well proven Minx design as serialised in the Model Engineer back in 1948, but various subtle changes have been made to nudge the finished locomotive toward the C3 prototype, making it perhaps a little more interesting a proposition than your average Minx.

The model is nicely made, much of the valve gear is stainless steel and the machining is nicely neat and crisp.  It rolls along freely without any tight spots, and will push along with one finger, and it runs very nicely, as you would expect on air.

The cab has a removable roof section at the back for driving access. The sand boxes have clearly been intended to work.

Although the boiler is supposed to be 'professionally' made, and is fully stamped up as per the photographs below, we are not sure who 'RW' might be,..... (answers on a postcard)!  That said, it is a very neat, professional job, has been tested to a rather on the high sided 200psi, and can come with a full 4 year hydraulic shell test cert ready to go.

The tender is a little older than the rest of the model, and is a heavy little thing, being made from 16 gauge copper sheet. It's fitted with a hand pump as you can see, and although there are two rather rusty wheelsets with it, it will obviously need the missing bits making and finishing off, as well as a decent tidy up of what's there already. 

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

57"  [1.45m.] long


Sorry It's Sold!

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