5" LBSC Tich

Here we have a really nicely made 5" gauge LBSC 'Tich'.  Although a really common model to find in 3 1/2" gauge, they are a relatively rare beast in both 5" and 7 1/4".  This is the small boiler variant and a nicely engineered one at that.  Machining work is nicely crisp and neat, as is the platework and general finish.  There are nice touches showing an extra attention to detail here and there, from the little clip to retain the ash pan bar to the beautifully flanged backhead cladding sheet.  It's certainly a cut above your average Tich, and clearly made by a careful and experienced model engineer.

Water is not kept in the tanks, and the locomotive it's self only carries an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass.  It's set up to take both the feedwater for the pump from a driving truck as well as presumably a hand pump on the driving truck as well to satisfy the boiler regulations for two methods of getting water into the loco.  It could of course be modified without a great deal of effort to carry it's own water and an extra form of water injection.  Lubrication is mechanical under the front running board.  The boiler is a professionally made (by Kennions) silver soldered copper one, and as with the vast majority of our models can come with a fresh 4 year hydraulic test as well as a fresh annual steam test so she's ready to roll!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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