5" LMS 2F

Here we have a part built LMS 2F, to the well respected 'Twin Sisters' design.  What's there has been done to a good standard, as is often the way with the Twin Sisters design.  It's a detailed little loco, so you tend to find that the model engineers that take it on are all pretty neat and capable.

The boiler is worth a paragraph of it's own for this one.  It is of course brand new, and made correctly to the drawings.  It's unusual as a boiler design in that the plates are not flanged, but tabbed, and then soldered up like that.  It's a recognised and accepted design, and all the 2Fs that we've seen are exactly the same,..... as it's what the drawings say, but if you're looking at the neat, flat and crispness of the corners on it wondering why it looks strange, then that's what's going on there!  As far as we know it's the only commercial design out there specified like this,..... but it evidently works and there are certainly a good number of exceptionally good Twin Sisters out there using it.

There's a decent box of castings and bits, and copies of the model engineer published articles with the drawings following the build.  Certainly a very good start to what is a very lovely model when finished.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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