5" LMS Coronation

Here we have a super rare beast, and a properly cool one too!  A 5" gauge LMS Coronation, streamlined Duchess pacific, 6220 'Coronation'.  The model was built originally as a straight un-streamlined Duchess, with a riveted tender, we think around the 50s.  The streamlined casing was made and fitted over the top in the early 70s.  But what you see here is actually NOT what you get!  Our plan was to re-commission & re-certificate this one and offer her for sale, but she failed the boiler test in a way that we aren't able to fix, so she's getting a brand new silver soldered copper boiler.  That discovery has lead to our decision to re-work the body to make her a bit closer to being an accurate model of the real thing.  Currently the casing is a good inch too high as well as not being a particularly accurate shape, the valve gear is a little crude and plain and things like the rivets on the tender will all have to go.

If you are interested in being the new owner of the locomotive that we turn this beast into,.... then get in touch!  🙂

For more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

price to be discussed & established as re-build gets underway.

I'm InterestedI'm Interested
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