5" LMS 'Fury'

Yes, you read that right!!  Here, we are offering the opportunity to own one of the Steam Workshops most exciting rebuild/new-builds to date!  We've always had a thing here at SW for interesting and unusual locos, and the 1929 built LMS Fowler experimental high pressure boilered, Royal Scot based 6399 'Fury' is right up there with the most exciting of them!

Some time ago we purchased a generally pretty tired 5" gauge Fowler boilered Royal Scot, and she is currently in the workshops being steadily stripped right back to her bare components, modified in a great many subtle and not so subtle ways to be re-built as a brand new engine in the form of Fury.  We have decided at this stage not to go with a scary high pressure, three part boiler on the grounds of the potential additional costs involved in that (although if that's what you'd like, we'd be quite excited to chat to you about the possibilities!).  We've also decided to keep the loco running as a simple, straight 3 cylinder engine,.... although again, a fully working compound is achievable with a raised boiler pressure, but would of course also add to the costs involved.

The final spec at this stage is also up for discussion, but the platework is currently being drawn up, and the masters for lost wax detailing are in the process of being made.  The standard Scot frames have been extended, and we are well on the way to achieving what ought to be a very exciting and unique model in any gauge.  Certainly one that will get the crowds gathering round at your club, although it would make a superb addition to any dining room or hallway!

Here's a link to the Wikipedia page on the prototype:

If you'd like to put your name on her, and be involved in the specification of the engine, do please feel free to give us a bell on 07816 963463.  Because this is a bespoke and unique build, and because it's going to be something special it's sadly not going to be cheep!  That said, for the work involved and the rarity and general coolness of the end result, we think that it will represent pretty good value!  Do have a look through our past work on our projects page to see the general quality and standard of our work.

The price is dependent upon to a certain extent upon the specification, but we expect her to be in the region of £25,000.

Give us a bell on 07816 963463 for a chat and for more information.

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