5" LMS Jubilee

Here we have a brand new and only steamed twice so far LMS Stanier Jubilee.  This model is original and first 'prototype' Jubilee made by Kingscale models to test and assess before the production run ready to run locos began.  We are going through it with a fine tooth comb and modifying any areas that we feel could be sensibly improved, and we expect that to include a good deal of bushing and 'tweaking' work on the bottom end and valve gear.  Some of the tolerances in this particular model would benefit from a good deal of tightening up, and so that's all in the process of being sorted here in the works.  This prototype was made first by Kingscale in order to produce their publicity information and brochures, but also to assess where the model required alterations before the main production run was undertaken.  There are therefore other areas here that we will be modifying and sorting before delivery.  Draughting was known to be an issue, so we will be modifying the ash pan, and the blast pipe size and position is being addressed.  The tender springing will get some attention, the injectors will be renewed and made to work well, and various little bits of extra detailing will be added to the loco from the Hewson range to just make it look as good as it can.  Indeed, what you have here is a brand new Kingscale Jubilee, with a lovely professional copper, silver soldered boiler that has been thoroughly gone over and re-worked to make it into a fully tested and ticketed reliable performer.

We will even re-number and re-name it to whichever Jubilee you would like, which will also set it apart from the standard production run of Jubes.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816963463


Sorry It's Sold!  (And it's going green!!!)

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