5" LMS Jubilee

Here we have a brand new and un-steamed 5" LMS Jubilee, 45682 'Trafalgar'.  This is a brand new loco manufactured by Kingscale.  The model is sold out from the manufacturer so this second hand (but brand new) loco represents an opportunity to get one of these extremely good looking locos, and at less than the original list price too!!

The model has a silver soldered copper boiler, CE marked and hydraulically tested to twice working pressure. Included are the full compliant of certificates and paperwork including an EU Declaration of Conformity.  The loco was inspected by Mike Pavie before initial delivery including a 1.5 x hydraulic boiler test to ensure there was no leakage from the boiler fittings. The model was also run on air as part of that inspection.

That all said, although the loco can be expected to 'run' and 'steam', you should probably not expect this to be an engine that you can just get straight onto track with and play faultlessly.  From the accounts of other Kingscale Jubilee owners, it should steam up fine, the wheels will turn, and it should pull you around, however, there have been known issues with the safety valves, the draughting, the injectors, lubrication and the general fit and tightness of the bottom end.  You still get a lot of engine for the money, and it looks superb, but we would recommend that you plan to do a few model engineering tweaks here and there to turn this into a more reliable, and a more sturdy 'regular runner'.  As long as you buy this with your eyes open, then you will be getting an extremely handsome brand new loco for a very reasonable price.

We're just about to finish our full re-build here in the workshops of the prototype Kingscale Jubilee, so we now have a good deal of useful experience on these locos that we would be happy to chat through with you.  This is one of the production batch, and therefore better and more resolved than the prototype model, but a lot of the experience we had working on that project ought to help guide the evaluation of this 'production' loco as well.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 7816 963463


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