5" LMS Rebuilt Scott

Here we have another lovely and pretty rare model.  A Brand new and unsteamed 5" full 3 cylinder LMS Stanier Rebuillt Royal Scott, 6134 'The Cheshire Regiment'.  She's in lined LMS Black livery and has been built to the Martin Evans 'King's Own' design, this is an exceptionally neatly made model from the workshop of an experienced model engineer.  We've seen a few of these made, but they mostly seem to be the simpler 2 cylinder versions rather than the fully authentic 3 cylinder machines.  The model was made as a runner, and as such has a straight martin Evans backhead rather than a more scale detailed affair, but ultimately the builder decided to keep the model in as new, un-fired condition on a plinth in his dining room whilst running all his other models instead.

We have hydraulic shell tested the boiler ourselves to twice working pressure, and it being a new professional Cheddar boiler it comes with not only the original build paperwork, but also a full 4 year hydraulic certificate.  So far we have refrained from throwing a fire in her just in case someone wants a new display model,..... but it won't take too much of a nudge to get us to do it, and to that end she can go fully steam tested and ready to play if you wish.

There are two large injectors and a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is particularly unusual on this one, something we've never seen before.  There is a large axle pump that looks for all the world like a water pump running through a sump tank and a bypass valve on the footplate, but,.... it's plumbed into the steam pipes feeding the cylinders.  We don't know if it will actually do what it's supposed to or not, and planned to replace it with a simple mechanical ratchet.  The idea seems sound enough, in that it's massively over delivering oil, and then the driver has control to cut it back to almost nothing with the bypass valve, but if you want the loco as a runner, we will give it a chance to perform first before we start to fiddle!

An absolutely beautiful model of a great prototype.


For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!


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