5" LNER A1

Here we have another rare opportunity!  A 5" LNER Pepercorn A1, 'Madge Wildfire', although of course at this stage it can be any A1 you fancy!   A nicely machined and air running full 3 cylinder bottom end that is pretty much finished, including things like the lubricator, drain cocks and even spun covers for the cylinders.  The boiler is a solid looking and well silver soldered copper one, that although not quite of professional neatness, is certainly a well made job.

The tender is also pretty much finished, although the body isn't currently fixed to the chassis and as you can see from the photos the wheel splashers are also to be finished.  In all there's still a good bit of work to be done to get this one over the finish line, but pretty much all the big, expensive and hard stuff is finished, and you don't have to squint very much at all to see the spectacular and rare locomotive that is starting to show!  A great project this one that deserves pushing over those final hurdles.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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