5" LNER A3

Here we have,..... well,..... you wait ages for one and then 3 come along at once,.... another 5" gauge LNER Gresley A3, this time in apple green as number '2568' 'Sceptre'.

A very nicely made model again this one, and one that we've liberated from it's long term residency on display in a glass cabinet on the stairs of a stately home!  It's a good story this one,.... several years ago now whilst chatting to a friend, he told me that many years ago a friend of his built a lovely A3.  It ran beautifully, but when he decided to sell the big old house (Hall/stately home) that he lived in, the new owners took a shine to the steam loco in the case and asked if it could come with the house purchase.  And so it was that 'Sceptre' began it's roll as a permanent ornament on the stairs.   A few years ago, having located the house, I decided to take a detour on my way back from collecting another couple of engines and knock on the door.  The house now was immaculate and clearly newly restored,..... the new owner, thankfully was a lovely fella, and we had a really good chat over a cuppa,...... and over the A3, which had again changed hands along with the house, and although temporarily moved to the garage (to keep the E Type company), was still in it's case and due for a potential return to the stairs when space and time allowed.  That's exactly what happened until last week, when we got a phone call to see if we would like to buy the loco.  They'd decided that it was time for it to be put back in steam and back on a track doing what it was built to do.  So up to the workshop it came, to take our A3 tally to 3!

More details to follow shortly, but for now, enjoy the photos.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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