5" LNER B1

Here we have another example of Martin Evan's extremely well respected 'Springbok' design, which is of course a 5" gauge LNER B1.  In this case we have 601xx 'Roebuck'.  There's a good deal of extra detail on this model, over and above a basic Springbok.  The sand boxes, running board oil pots, nice rivet detailing as well as well machined rods, with subtle little oil reservoirs machined into the bosses.  A nicely made thing, that is above the average Springbok.  Cosmetically there are a few cracks in the paint around the smoke box, and the odd chop n scrape here and there, but nothing untoward, and all entirely consistent with a running and used model.  To that end there's also a little slop here and there in the motion, but again, nothing too major, and certainly nothing that will need any immediate attention, it's ready to play and by all accounts she ought to run very well!

Fitted with an injector, an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass valve and of course a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is mechanical and neatly 'semi-scale' on the running boards.  The boiler is nicely made, copper and fully certificated so the loco is ready to hit the track and enjoy.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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