5" LNER B1

A very nicely built 5" gauge B1.  This isn't a Martin Evan's model like the vast majority of 5" B1s.  It is built actually for the most part to Michael Breeze's B2 drawings, and as such is a much more accurate model.  It is the correct width, has the right size wheels on it, and is generally a much more accurate representation of the prototype, and a much rarer B1 than the ubiquitous 'Springbok' design.

The builder has then used the works drawings to get the correct B1 detailing and finish.  The boiler backhead is set up for a fairly prototypical layout, and indeed as you can see a good start has been made on the detailed fittings.

The quality of the machining work is extremely good, and although there is no play whatsoever in the valve gear it all rolls along very nicely with no particular tight spots.

The boiler is very nice and substantially built, and although it currently has no certificates, being brand new, we can happily put it through a full hydraulic.

There actually isn't very much left to do on this model to get it finished.  We would be happy to quote to finish it off for you to whatever level of detail and in whichever livery that you desire.  The basic list of what needs doing would include the finishing off of the backhead fittings, the regulator gland and reach rod need making too.  Then it all needs generally piping up, clacks making and fitting, same thing with the blow downs.  There are a few little bodywork jobs to finish off and then it needs a good clean, strip down and paint.  Simple!

Sorry, I'm afraid it's sold.


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