5" LNER B1

Here we have an early stage, but very nice LNER B1 build.  This is another prototypical model, not done to Martin Evans Springbok design, and a great deal of effort has been undertaken to ensure the prototypical accuracy of the build so far.

Photos will be added very shortly, but so far the model consists of a very well built and substantially complete tender chassis with solid disk wheels (as per several prototypes, and including 'Gazelle' 6103 for which a set of Dianne Carney plates are included.  The locomotive Bogie is also essentially complete and indeed painted very nicely.

The frames have been laser cut for the loco, and there is a full set of bespoke castings ready to go.  The wheels are very nicely cast with the correct spoke profile, there are steel tire rings included, and there's even two sets of cylinders included so you can choose between Gun Metal or Cast Iron according to your preference.  There are also a number of laser cuts included for things like the cab, various stretchers and hangers and a number of other bits and bobs to ensure a very good start to what could be a very lovely model.

More photos and indeed the price will be added very shortly, but for more information or to express your interest please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463.

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