5" LNER K1

In the workshop and awaiting photos is a rather nicely made 5" gauge LNER K1.  There is a complete and very solidly made (it's really heavy!) tender, although the weight must be in the frames as it doesn't look any less delicate than your average scale LNER tender.  It's the correct K1 profile too rather than the slightly wrong Martin Evans 'Springbok' one.

There's a beautifully made professional looking brand new boiler, sitting in a crisp and tidy rolling chassis.  Some, but not all of the valve gear is there, more from the left hand side than the right, and as generally each bit of valve gear is made as a pair with its opposite.  The smoke box and chimney is on, so it's certainly looking like a K1 already.  Enough hopefully to inspire you to finish it!

Sorry It's Sold!

I'm InterestedI'm Interested
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