5" LNER V1

Here we have a particularly well made 5" gauge LNER V1 2-6-2 tank.  Fully three cylinder, and beautifully machined, although this has clearly been a runner, it's still extremely tight on the bottom end and runs like a sewing machine on air.  All the controls feel really nice too, everything is tight and smooth, without being at all stiff.

The boiler!  Firstly,.... it comes with a full professional 10 year hydraulic boiler certificate,....yes, 10 years because it's steel, so we thought we'd give you confidence by giving it a full belt and braces independent professional cert.  It's had full ultrasound tests and is a constant 4mm all over, just as it was built.  It's also got a rather cool thermic syphon water feather up the middle of the firebox, and will be given a fresh twice working pressure 2 year Northern Association test as well as a fresh annual steam test upon delivery,.... so you need not worry that there's likely to be a problem there.  However, because without doubt, in 5" gauge as copper boilers are more the 'norm', the loco is priced £1000 less than we would price a model of this quality with a copper boiler.

Lubrication is mechanical and there's one on either running board for each cylinder.  She's fitted with an injector, a twin ram axle pump with footplate mounted bypass, as well as a hand pump in the cab to get water in.  There's a steam brake as well as the hand brake, and we can of course pop whatever number or motif you'd like on the tanks and bunker so you can pick your own identity.  It's fully re-commissioned and ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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