5" LSWR O2

Well now this is an interesting one.  It's a particularly lovely looking 5" gauge LSWR Adams O2.  Mechanically it is really nicely built, the valve gear being extremely crisp and neatly machined.  The paint job is extremely professional, and the detailing is really particularly nice.  Can you sense the 'but' coming!?  Well, essentially, as far as we can tell this is a model that has at some point been 'virtually' finished by a skilled model engineer, and then it has been passed onto someone who was more of a painter and modeler to finish off and make look lovely.  To that end, the running boards, and various bits of platework are particularly thin, scale thicknesses, which makes them a touch delicate, but more than that, it means that they aren't all lying perfectly flat and tidy.  Also, mechanically it still needs setting up and sorting out here and there.  Currently the lifting arm is only lifting one set of eccentrics, the lever having come adrift from the weigh shaft, the bottom gauge glass fitting is not fit for purpose,..... in fact the entire gauge glass probably wants throwing away and starting again.  There's no actual pressure gauge fitted, or lubricator of any kind.

It's a boiler off job to nudge it over that last hurdle and turn it into the particularly lovely loco that it is really very close to being.  It just needs someone to carefully strip it back a little (without damaging the lovely paintwork), sort out the little bits and bobs that have been ignored by whoever has finished it off.  We planned to do it, and we reckon on it being about a weeks work in the workshop, but we never seem to get a moment spare to get onto it.  A model with great potential that just needs a nudge over that final hurdle!

If you'd like to know any more, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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