5" Maid of Kent

Here we have,...... well it's an LBSC 'Maid of Kent' built, as they sometimes are with outside cylinders as a Midland Compound.  Well, sort of as a Midland Compound!  The cab laser cuts are not quite Midland, and the running boards have an extra swoop/drop in front of the cylinders.  All simple stuff to alter at this stage if a Midland Compound is what you want, but equally it's at the stage where you could probably finish the plate work in any style that your hear desires!

It's a really nicely made thing, and certainly has pretty much all the hard work done.  We reckon you could have it up and running in a few days just by finishing the plumbing.  The valves are currently stuck off their seats (we assume with old oil), so we couldn't test the chassis on air.  We've dropped WD into them to soak and we will have another go when it's had chance to loosen up.  It certainly rolls free enough and the quality is there for it just to work.

The boiler is a very neat and professional looking job, and the model came with paperwork from Ellis boilers, (although we can't find the Ellis stamp).  Beyond that we will let the photos tell the story.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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