5" Maxitrak Sapphire

Here we have a rather pretty little 5" gauge Maxitrak 'Sapphire' 0-4-0 saddle tank.  One of the rarer models from Maxitrak this, we've certainly not seen many out there.  From what we can see this is more or less the same as the Maxitrak 'Dixie' but with the saddle tank platework you see here.  The boiler is of course professionally made, and in good condition. As with all our finished moels, she can be given a full fresh 4 year hydraulic boiler test and a fresh annual steam test so that she is ready to hit the track.

The bottom end is also in reasonable condition in terms of wear.  As with all Hackworth valve gear locos, the timing and 'tightness' is never as precise or crisp as other more complex models.  That said, it certainly runs nicely enough, and isn't excessively sloppy or clanky.  (All precise technical terms by the way.......!)

At some point the rear buffer beam, (which is a single piece aluminium casting) has been fracked and repaired, but neatly done, so it doesn't detract from the model's appearance.  The model is fitted with a Crosshead water feed pump with bypass valve and a footpate mounted hand pump.  Lubrication is a simple displacement set up on the footplate.  There's nothing fussy about this little fella, it's about as simple and straight forward as 5" live steam locos get.  It represents a great entry route into the hobby, and with so little to go wrong, it should be a very low maintenance way to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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