5" MR Johnson Spinner

Here we have another beautifully made 5" gauge Midland Railway Johnson spinner, 'Princess of Wales' class, this time number 2602.  The model was originally started by Aubrey Bentley, a model engineer from the potteries, and ultimately finished by his friend Reg Jenkinson after Aubrey sadly passed away some years ago.  The model has been on display with Reg ever since it was finished and has to date never been steamed.  If you'd like the model to run, then we can of course commission her for you, but equally it's a beautiful thing just to have on display!

There are lots of lively bits of detail, the steam brake cylinder mounted underneath the model on the brake cross member, the sanding gear and tender tool boxes as well as the usual beautiful Victorian features of these prototypes like the salter safety valves and sweeping safety valve cover.  The backhead is a little more utilitarian, as the mode has been finished to run, but it's still very beautifully done, and the subtly paint scumbling in the cab works beautifully with the wooden floor to complete the Victorian feel.

Fitted with a pair of injectors and a hand pump in the tender.  There are footplate operated drain cocks, and at present a manual screw feed lubricator (which may or may not be something that we choose to replace with a mechanical one if you'd like the model fully steamed and commissioned before she leaves us.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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