5" Mk1 Corridor Brake

Here we have a scale 5" gauge BR Mark 1 corridor brake which has been constructed from the extensive range of parts available from Doug Hewson models and finished with Precision paints and transfers.

The coach has been extensively detailed inside and out to create a model which is simply stunning to the eye. The Interior features cushioned seats in all 4 compartments with the luggage cage (with bicycle) and the guard’s compartment. Whilst the Exterior features accurate underframe design with the more desirable Commonwealth Bogies, Dummy Vacuum Cylinders with fitted brake gear, Concertina Corridor Ends, Steam heat hoses, Vacuum hoses, Battery Box's and Dummy dynamo.

It is not recommended that this coach is used for passenger carrying and the coach body would have to be suitably strengthened but the bogies have been designed to take the weight for riding on as they are fully sprung and on roller bearings the same as the full size bogies and have all the mountings for a full set of working vacuum.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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