5" MR Single

Here we have a rather lovely and brand new 5" gauge Midland Railway Johnson 4-2-2 single 'Spinner', to the Martin Evan's 'Princess of Wales' design.  Completed a number of years ago and then steam tested once before being professionally painted by Alan Gibson and ultimately residing in a company directors office for the following 20 odd years!  It's nice to see these models when they pop up with the smaller (and in our view prettier) 6 wheeled tender, most being made with the standard large double bogied version.

This is a very nicely made model, and although the backhead is definitely made with an eye upon running her rather than being a true completely scale model, the tender particularly is beautifully done, right down to the scale, closable padlocks on the tool boxes!  The engine is fitted with twin injectors and a handpump in the tender.  The two rear tool boxes cleverly concealing the hand pump and handle.  Lubriaction is mechanical and in the usual place up the front.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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