5" NB Glen

Well she's back!  A strange one this,.... we've her in stock for pretty much 3 years now!  Sold finally a few months ago to a lovely chap who played for a couple of months and then decided he wanted to go shunting instead so part exchanged it back in for the little LNER Y4.  We thought we had better add this extra bit here (as we know some of you follow things closely!) to say that there's literally nothing wrong with the Glen, it's a great little engine that does exactly what it says on the tin.  Maybe we will bite the bullet and paint it in North British livery if nobody fancies it this time, to perhaps give it a little more sparkle!

So, here we have a nicely made North British Railway Reid 'K' Class, LNER Class D-34,.... or Glen class for those of us who prefer names to numbers!  The model is wearing pre 1946 LNER lined black Livery, and, out of interest, Glenfinnan, number 9149, the first of the D-34 batch was the only one to have it's name written as one word.

This is a fully sorted and ready to play model.  A couple of years ago it had a new crank axle made and fitted to improve the timing and has only been run a few times since to prove it all works.  There is an injector, an axle pump with footplate operated bypass valve, and an emergency hand pump in the tender for when you've been distracted too long over your cuppa to notice the water and pressure heading south!  Lubrication is from the running board mounted mechanical lubricator.  We've not steamed her yet, but we will do, and the model has come to us from a friend, so we can vouch for it's performance and reliability.  It obviously comes with a Hydraulic and steam cert, ready to play.

For any more information, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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