5" Neilson Coffee Pot

Here we have a super pretty little 5" gauge Neilson & Co. Coffee Pot saddle tank.  Built to the published 'Gemma' design by D Malcom.  The prototype was originally produced in 1874, and Neilson's built a good number of locos to this basic design and supplied them to all manner of industry.  Even the GER and subsequently the LNER has a few which they classified as Y5's.  The name plate incidentally is currently just popped on with blu-tack and the tank is un-marked beneath them, so it can go nameless or indeed be 'personalised' if you so wish.

Lubrication is mechanical as you can see on the running boards, and water is fed through an injector, a mechanical axle pump with bypass valve and of course there's also a hand pump on the cab footplate.  The boiler is copper and silver soldered, and comes freshly hydraulically tested.  The loco is also fully steam tested and ready to play.  We are big fans of the early victorian prototypes here at Steam Workshop.  They are often just really pretty things, and this little Gem, (see what we did there),.... is no exception.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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