5" NWR Crampton

Here we have a superbly made and beautifully detailed 5" gauge Liverpool and Manchester Railway Crampton 'Liverpool'.  Scratch built to the original full size loco design rather than the published and simplified model engineering design.  Although mechanically she is built essentially as a working model, the boiler is not real, the backhead and smoke box details and fittings also being modelled for display.  The wooden base is fitted with an electric motor so the driving wheel can be made to spin with the switch on the end of the display plinth.  If we had more time here in the works we would have been putting a boiler on this one and turning her into a runner.  The detail is so nicely done it is a shame that we can't just throw a fire in it!  That said, as a beautiful display model it is a very worthy model to grace any mantlepiece!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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