5" OS Rocket

Here we have another fairly rare beast.  A 5" gauge Stephenson's Rocket by OS models in Japan.  This is only the second one of these that we've had come through, and unlike many 'kit built' locomotives, all OS locomotives are exceptionally well engineered,  collectible and certainly don't carry the stigma attached to other commercially made products.  We've had several OS locos before, and are always impressed by the level of engineering and finish that they achieved.  It's covered in beautiful little lost wax castings to give it the detail, which give it a really attractive 'x' factor for anyone wanting a very lovely toy.

This one has been in our own collection here at TSW, and we've run it on only a couple of occasions.  It came to us from the builder, who had sadly passed away, and at that time although it had been run, it hadn't been run very much at all as for obvious reasons it's not particularly powerful a machine and practically it's no good for passenger hauling.  With a steady hand on the regulator and a reasonably flat railway it'll pull the driver round happily, but it's certainly not going to be winning any heavy haulage competitions!  That's not what this little beauty is about though.  This is a beautiful little model that you can steam up every now and again to give everyone a rare treat, and it's certainly a crown puller when it does run!

It comes with the original OS construction manual and the operating instructions.  All in Japanese as well as English if you find yourself feeling all multilingual!  There is a crosshead pump for the water with a bypass valve as well as a hand pump in the tender.  She is complete with the original, fully braked OS Rocket driving truck as well so you're all set to go!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's SOLD!!!!!

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