5" OS T5 0-6-0

Here we have a rare beast, certainly in the UK,..... a 5" gauge 'T5 Super' 0-6-0 tank engine made by OS in Japan.  As you may have already read from previous loco listings, we are fans here of OS locomotives.  They are extremely well conceived, the designs being properly resolved before manufacture, and the manufacture process is excellent with quality control doing a first rate job.  There's castleated nuts and even a chemically blacked machined smoke box to testify to the quality of the job.

The model it's self is clearly inspired by the GWR 15xx pannier tank, the design for which is, as you almost certainly know 'Speedy'.  By comparison this is proportionally off in just about every way, but the inspiration is still clear to see.  As a machine in it's own right though, it's in excellent condition.  Only fired on a couple of occasions and then plinthed in a private collection to gather dust.  Mechanically therefore it's essentially as good as new.  The boiler is a very tidy professionally silver soldered copper one from OS and can come with a fresh 4 year hydraulic and fresh annual steam test so she's ready to hit the track again.

There is an injector, a twin ram axle pump (complete with lovely little rubber dust gaitors) and a hand pump in the tank.  Lubrication is mechanical and neatly under the front footplate.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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