5" Polly II

Here we have a nice little 5" gauge Polly II.  An interesting model this as it was originally built by none other than J.G.S Clarke himself, the man originally behind the Polly design.  Fully ticketed and ready to play, this is, like all Pollys a simply designed and constructed model with a very professionally made silver soldered copper boiler, so there is generally very little to go wrong with them,.... and even if in the future anything does require work, Polly have all the parts on the shelf as spares, so they make very easy locos to own and run, particularly for the beginner or non model engineers among us.

Fitted with an injector, as well as an axle pump and footplate mounted bypass valve and of course a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is straight forward too, mechanical and on the running boards so it's easy to get at.  A great starter loco if you've been considering getting into the hobby and want to do so with relatively little expense and mechanical complexity.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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