5" Polly Koppel

Here we have a rather nicely done 5" Polly 'Caroline' Koppell locomotive.  Unusually this one has been modified with a pony truck under the footplate transforming it into a rather attractive 0-4-2.  She's pretty much a new loco, having been put together by a very experienced Polly enthusiast and builder.  The boiler is the usual extremely neatly constructed professional job from Polly and she's fully tested and ticketed and ready to play.

There's no significant slop or wear in the bottom end either, and only the odd paint scuff here n there to give away the fact that she's been run much at all.  The black paint on the boiler barrel near the cab has an odd rippled look to it which although mildly unsightly, certainly doesn't detract from the overall appearance.  Fitted with an injector, an axle pump with bypas valve and a hand pump in the tank, lubrication is mechanical and there are two fitted, one on each running board.

A very nicely presented model, with a twist from the normal Polly Koppel that is ready to just hit the track and play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry it's Sold!

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