5" Polly II

An early Polly II which has just been overhauled and subtly modified to represent something of 'African' 3ft gauge origin.
From the bottom up it has been stripped, new gaskets fitted on all joints and the motion partially re-bushed and tightened up. The lubricator non return valve has been moved from its inaccessible location between the frames to above the running plate. A steam chest pressure gauge has been fitted from the right hand cylinder and mounted in the cab. The axle pump has been disconnected (parts included) and been replaced with a larger hand pump and a pair of now rare Chiverton injectors (12oz and 16oz) and also a larger whistle fitted. New valves have been used in the cab throughout, the only original fitting is the gauge frame. Moving on to the boiler, a brand new fully radiant stainless steel spear type superheater has replaced the rather inadequate original, this has been connected to a brand new regulator valve and linkage and new snifting valve. I have also fitted a much superior blower ring in the smokebox. the tender has been fitted with a pair of underfloor valves for the injector feed which much improves injector control. In short, a bottom end overhaul, new pipework has been made for the complete loco and tender, new fittings throughout and a few extras added along the way.
Cosmetically, a cow catcher has been made and fitted, larger buffers and a complete handrail. A new style cab has been fitted (the original style will be included in the sale) this all enhances the African appearance.
The loco is currently in unlined red livery, and the photo's depict her before final fettling and polishing.
A Full 4yr Hydrualic certificate and 1yr steam test has just been issued.  Give us a bell on 07816 963463 for more details.
Sorry it's sold

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