5'' Simplex

Here we have a 5" Simplex, and a virtually complete project at that. Relatively little left to do to get this loco over the final hurdle, so a great way to get a really well made Simplex at a significant saving over the fully finished model.

The boiler is silver soldered copper, and looks both solidly and competently done. It can of course come with fresh hydraulic shell test so you know you're safe there. The chassis is really nicely made, with first class machining work on all the valve gear, and the whole thing turns freely and runs well on air. There's an axle pump fitted with footplate mounted bypass valve and a hand pump in the tank. The steam fittings and clacks are there for two injectors, as well as a steam valve for the feed to the displacement lubricator that is intended to feed through the footplate mounted sight feed. There are also several really neat touches that show this is a cut above your average Simplex, where the builder has made things like the tea tray over the fire doors, and the water gauge for the tanks, lovely air vents on the tops of the side tanks as well as a sump under the bunker for extra water capacity.

All in all the makings of a cracking simplex that doesn't need a lifetime or any significant extra costs to finish off.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Stock Code: P051231

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