5" Simplex

Here on behalf of a friend we have a particularly nicely engineered, well thought out and freshly outshopped Simplex to Martin Evans's design.  This loco was a well proven club runner for it's builder for many years before other models took it's place as their owner's weekly toy.  The decision was taken recently that it was too nice a thing to let sit unloved, so she has been fully stripped down, overhauled and freshly painted.  Since then she's had a couple of test steamings to make sure all is well,.... which it is,... and now here she is available for sale.

All the usual bits and bobs are there, injector, axle pump, tank hand pump.  Mechanical lubrication is from the big tank hidden under the front footplate.  As well as the bits you'd hope for there are a few other nice touches like a tank water gauge, easy to remove tank tops to gain access to the hand pump and filler filters.  Compression is superb, (you can pump up the boiler by sticking it in forwards and pulling it along in reverse).  It's a silver soldered copper boiler of course, and comes fully tested and certificated ready to play.  It's a really clean, mechanically sorted Simplex, one of the best that you're likely to find.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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