5" Simplex

Here we have a rather special edition of the ubiquitous 5" gauge Simplex.  Hundreds of these well proven tank engines have been built over the years, and they make a superb all round engine.  Powerful enough to pull a decent load at your club track, big enough to be comfortable to drive, small enough to lift (just about), into the back of your car, and mechanically an ideal compromise between simplicity of build without sacrificing any of the necessary mechanical complexities that produce a fine running model.

This one however is a cut above the usual Simplex.  Built clearly by a very careful and skilled model engineer, there is loads of lovely finesse and extra attention to detail here that you simply don't find on your average Simplex, and so we thought it worthy of a bit of a cosmetic spruce up to bring the paint back up to the mechanicals.  Having already stripped it down here at the works we can confirm that even the backs of the tanks are beautifully riveted!   All the internal oil points have lovely little wicked oil pots fed through pipe runs, the axle driven water pumps run through a footplate mounted bypass valve, and there is a neat little clear perspex window in the cab that the bypass pipe splashed onto so that you can watch the feed rate.  There is a working water level float indicator and gauge on the tank top in the cab too.  The engine is fitted with working vacuum brakes running from a working vacuum ejector, there's even a steam chest pressure gauge to show you how hard she's working!  In short, it's a gudun!

If you're quick, and want one of the best Simplexes out there, you might even be able to specify your own colours (we've currently got it penciled in for a lovely shade of dark brown!)

Sorry It's Sold!

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