5" Southern K Class

Here we have a rather lovely 5" Gauge Southern Railway K Class (River Class) 2-6-4 tank.  This is a particularly well made locomotive, having been awarded the Silver medal at the 1987 ME Exhibition and the Bill Deane Memorial cup at the 1988 ME Exhibition.  Although she hasn't been sitting in a display cabinet over the years, rather she has been a regular performer for the builder at his local club track, and shows the usual cosmetic wear and tear consistent with a running model.  That said, she is still very tidy, and the quality of both the model engineering and the paint finish is clearly evident.

All the usual refinements that you'd expect are there, and she can be given a full 4 year hydraulic certificate and of course a fresh annual steam certificate so that you are ready to go.   She's currently in the workshop being re-commissioned, (just simple things like re-seating the clacks, lapping in the regulator so it seats properly for the hydraulic etc.  The usual things consistent with a model that hasn't run for a couple of years.)  We should have her all done and photographed by the end of the week.  Update,.... All done, hydraulic passed with flying colours and ready for new safety valves to go in and steam test.


Photographs to be added very shortly, but for any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Been a tricky one to value this one, as it's clearly a very nicely made and detailed model of a relatively rarely modeled prototype,.... good enough to have won the awards that she has,.... but equally would benefit from the odd bit of cosmetic TLC.  We've been torn as to whether to spend the time stripping down and re-painting, bringing her back to full show winning glory, but ultimately the general feeling is that the condition of the paint is just not bad enough to justify it.  The lining is superb, and although there are plenty of chips and scuffs, the general impression is still very good, and the extra costs of our re-building her would make this a particularly expensive proposition.  That said,..... it wouldn't take much persuasion for us to take on the re-paint if you'd like to win exhibitions again!

Fully ticketed and ready to play.  Give us a bell on 07816 963463 if you'd like to talk about the possibility of the full re-paint.

Sorry it's sold!

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