5" SR King Arthur

Here we have a nicely presented 5" gauge Southern Railway King Arthur class 'Sir Lamiel'.  Built to the Greenly design, this is a very solidly designed and made model.  Technically Greenly was going for an 'evocation' of the full sized engine rather than a true scale and detailed miniature, but what Greenly designs lack in technical accuracy they more than make up for in performance and usability.  This model is no exception, and has been very crisply made by a skilled model engineer.  The valve gear is done with finesse and added detail here and there, and shows no particular signs of excessive wear and tear beyond what you'd expect for a model that's been enjoyed, but well looked after.

She is fitted with a professional Swindon Copper boiler, fully silver soldered and complete with both historic and current boiler history and certs.  Water is fed by twin injectors, one on either side, as well as a twin ram axle pump, the bypass valve for which is on the rear deck of the tender, and there is also the ubiquitous chunky hand pump in the large bogie tender.  Lubrication is mechanical, and there is a tank between the frames fed through a dummy sand box lid over the splasher.

She comes with a couple of nice carrying boxes and is all sorted and ready to play.

For any more information please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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