5" SR King Arthur

Here we have advertised on behalf of a customer of ours is a 5″ gauge Southern Railway N15 King Arthur.  Made to the Henry Greenly design, technically (as with a great many of the earlier designs), it’s not an exact prototypically accurate model.  Just as Martin Evan’s Springbok is to a B1, the Greenly King Arthur gives a nice impression of the real thing without any real pretensions toward detailed rivet counting accuracy.

That all said, what the Greenly designs very often offer is a superbly usable, driveable miniature locomotive, that has the solidity of construction and weight to be able to pull a decent load.  As a loco to run, pulling passengers round your local club track every Sunday it’s the perfect toy.

The model we have here was originally built with a steel boiler, she was re-boilered a few years ago with (as you’d expect these days) a new silver soldered copper boiler.  There are two injectors to get the water into the boiler.  Mechanical cylinder lubrication is from the usual ratchet pump hidden under the floor of the cab.  Cosmetically she’s a little scuffed here and there, but nothing too scruffy to worry about, and mechanically she is still in pretty good condition, so won’t be driving you crazy with all the clicks and clacks from the motion as you fly round!

Footplate operated draincocks, blower etc etc,…. you know what you’re looking at.  Hopefully the photos will fill in the rest.  A solid and usable loco that you don’t have to worry about scratching while you’re playing!

Here's a link to the last time the model passed through our hands:

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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