5" Sweet Pea

Here we have another tidy example of the well established 5" gauge favourite 'Sweet Pea'!  This one has a very tidy looking silver soldered copper boiler, which although we think not 'actually' professionally made, certainly could be from it's neatness.  The general wear and tear in the bottom end is consistent with a model that has been used, but not excessively so.  There are no major rattles and slop, and it certainly has stacks of life left in it yet before neading the odd new bush and bearing.

All the usual bits and bobs are there.  There is an injector fitted, as well as an axle pump with footplate fitted bypass valve.  Lubrication is mechanical and easily accessible on the running boards.  The rest is pretty straight forward Sweet Pea fare.  The rear of the cab helpfully swings out of the way so that you can slide the marine ash pan and grate out at the end of your play, which I a nice little feature,..... as are the well proportioned wooden 'dumb' buffers.  All in all an attractive loco that you can just take away and play with.  As with al our finished models, she can be given a full 4 year hydraulic boiler test, as well as a fresh annual steam test so she's ready to go.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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