5" Sweet Pea

We have here a particularly nice example of the club stalwart Sweet Pea.

It's in for a light overhaul and repaint, and will be ready with a full new boiler cert and 4 year hydraulic very shortly.  This is a professionally built loco, the machining work and general finish on the model being to a particularly good standard.  Judging by the general condition of things like the bushes and boiler, we don't think she has seen much running, and although it can't be described as a new loco, it can fairly be described as 'nearly new',... particularly now that it's nearing the end of our little light overhaul and repaint.

Photos will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks, but all enquiries are of course welcome,.... especially if you'd like to specify your own livery or name!

For more information please call 07816 963463


Sorry It's currently being finished for a customer.

I'm InterestedI'm Interested
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