5" Tallyllyn Dolgoch

Here we have a professionally made 5" gauge Tallyllyn Railway Fletcher Jennings Dolgoch.  A fairly rare and interesting beast this, and a big model in this gauge,..... our trolleys are 1.2 meters long and comfortably fit a 5" Britannia locomotive (not tender), so you can see she's a bigun!  An quirky and interesting design too, the long wheelbase was there to make a stable loco and allow for the boiler to sit low in the frames, the firebox fitting in front of the rear axle.  This means that the valve gear eccentrics had to be mounted on the lead axle facing the rear of the locomotive, and the whole lot is transposed through a series of rockers back to the front and the valve chests.  It sounds complicated, but really it's just a bunch more very simple rockers, rods and levers that make for an interesting motion!

The model is virtually as new, having apparently only been steamed for an hour or two in the past, presumably just to prove the model by the builder, who was J G S Clarke and co, the original creators of the Polly models range.  She's nicely built with very capable machining and lovely attention to detail.  The model is in places a little chunky, but then so too is the real locomotive so we won't hold that against it!  Mechanically she is as new, and the professionally silver soldered copper boiler is also just as you would expect.  Paintwork is a little rough, and there's a patch or two where there is bubbling and some sort of reaction gone on that has made it look rough.  Nothing a good rub and polish up wouldn't sort, but certainly the weak spot on this model is the paintwork.

Fitted with an injector, and crosshead pump with a bypass valve and of course a hand pump in the tank.  The beautiful salter safety valves are functional too, and she's fitted with a steam brake.  As with all our running models, she can come fully tested and ready to play.

For more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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