5" Thomas!!

Here we have,..... well it's sort of self evident!  This is a 5" gauge 0-6-0 battery electric from Bexhill, and hopefully there are no children reading this to become traumatised, but what we have here is clearly the result of the fat controller's failing hearing.  Thomas has apparently spent some time on the 'rack' rather than the 'track'.  Nevertheless, he is fully functioning and indeed smiling,.... if clearly a little disturbed by his ordeal!

If the excitingly blue bodywork is too much for your eyes to behold, then the original, more somber BR green Janus shunter body is here as well for you to trundle around behind.  The two bodies swap in about 30 seconds, so when your grandchildren have finished abusing Thomas, you can happily put him in the darkest corner of your shed while you play with the green thing and try to forget!

It's all togged up and ready to go, there's a battery charger included and everything works as per the control panel in the pictures.

Two engines for the price of one,.... what more could you want?!  🙂

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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