5" TR Edward Thomas

Here we have another fairly rare and cool loco, a 5" gauge Tallyllyn railway 'Edward Thomas'.  We've had one of these a few years ago as a part build, and we sold a 7 1/4" gauge version earlier in the year, but this is the first 5" finished Edward Thomas we've had come through,..... and we love it when we get something we haven't had before!  She's a nice model too, the bottom end is pretty tight, not showing undue wear and tear on the motion,.... particularly for Hackworth which can often become fairly sloppy quite quickly!  The only thing that lets this one down a bit is the colour, which as you can see is a bit on the bright side, and the paint is eversoslightly scuffed here n there,.... but that said, it's perfectly presentable and doesn't detract too much from the model.

The boiler is silver soldered copper as usual, and as usual comes fully tested and ready to play.  The model is fitted with an injector, an axle pump with a footplate mounted bypass valve and hand pump tucked neatly away in the bunker.  Lubrication is mechanical with the put fitted above the left hand side motion,.... and although the fittings and valves are generally chunky and model engineering style rather than true scale fittings, it all looks like it'll be easy to drive and an ideal machine for your garden railway!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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