SW Rebuild no.7

5" BR Class 52 'Western'

This became Steam Workshop re-build number 7, and she is now sold and being enjoyed by her new owner.

A little album to cover the complete rebuild, detailing and generally the 'making a cracking model' out of what started as a standard Phoenix Class 52 Western.  We will keep updating photos and details here as the project progresses.

The plan is to make her to the same level as the Class 37 I did before, complete with radio control, correct sound, smoke and suitable weathering

Here are a few pics of how we got her, a few scuffs and scrapes as often seen with diesels, but overall the Phoenix locos are a very good basis for adding lots of extra detailing to make her more of a scale, real looking, model. In fact Phoenix supply detailing parts which it seems a lot of owners don't apply ?

So the first thing to do was to start on the strip back phase, ready to apply more detailing.

With these diesels being mainly fibre glass it is in fact just a case of using the same modelling techniques we so often use on small scale models. The trick is to look for those details that are particular to the loco at hand

The cab details were also tweaked to make them more real. Still lots more to do on the sides and back, but adding the dials makes a big difference I think


well she's out of the paintshop and starting to get more details ....

Cab now completed for both ends including lights ...

installing the various electronics, 4QD VTX 75, with DMR-203 remote control interface. MTroniks sound unit. Servo relays to activate sounds / functions
final layout, the DIN connection allows removal of the body which is wired for lights and roof fans
Foggy mister “smoke” unit, vapourises tap water using piezo transducer, so very little power is used and it’s free to run
running lights and cab lights on..

And then the weathering begins!

Plus a couple of beautiful photographs courtesy of our good friend Mike Topham (Michael Topham Photography)

......and a little clip of her in action!  Missing the brake rodding and speedo, but essentially done!  Price to be established shortly,..... but she will be for sale,..... after we've finished playing!

This particular loco has been sold, but we can of course build you one to match and to your specification, livery and identity as well of course.


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