6" Foden Lorry

Here we have a fairly huge and impressive 6" scale Foden DCC overtype box, showman's steam lorry.  We've just done a full re-tube on the boiler, so it's all fresh and good to go with new tickets for the season.  She's a double crank compound too with three gears, so she will happily keep up with the road runners at the rally when it's time to trundle to the pub!

Mechanically the bottom end is nicely made, and hasn't seen a great deal of use or wear by the looks of it.  The valve gear is a little crudely made and finished,..... that is to say it's not the prettiest set of machined rods that we've ever seen,..... but it's none the less functional for it.  It certainly runs well enough as our little film running to Mcdonalds and round the yard here at the works can testify.

It steams freely enough as well.  If you let the pressure drop below 100psi, then it does get a little bit gutless, but as long as you keep on top of the fire and maintain the pressure up where it belongs, it's a capable and fun machine.  You will have to change gears to climb any sort of hill, but once in low gear it is a pretty good climber.  Once on the flat or going down the other side, the high gears will produce a mildly scary turn of speed.  The previous owner claims he's seen 30mph,...... we've not seen anything over 20, but even though the brakes are superb, we are all chickens who didn't really fancy making the front page of the Daily Mail.

All the lights run off a battery in the back, although the Dynamo is real, and with a little gently modification could be made to generate.  There is of course an injector and a crank pump with bypass, and lubrication is mechanical in the usual place.

Quite a beast this one, certainly will get you noticed on the rally field, and you can also get 4 adults in the boot!
Wheel Base              -  86 1/2" "
Total length               -  142 1/2" "
width                         -  46"
height to box roof      -  69"

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Was £29,000, but now reduced to get her moving, as she's filling up our workshop!




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