7 1/4" Bagnall-ish

Here we have a nicely tidy and ready to play 7 1/4" gauge freelance loco.   Finished to resemble a Sipat Bagnall, the frames for the engine are Romulus, the wheels are to the M J Engineering design and she is fitted with a Sweet William marine boiler and saddle tank.  The boiler is a professionally made steel one By Bell boilers, with all it's historic certs and paperwork, as well as a fresh hydraulic and steam test so you're all set to play.

Fitted with twin injectors and an axle pump running through a footplate mounted bypass valve to get your water in.  Lubrication is mechanical on on the side as per the photos below.  The handbrake is nicely placed to use whilst running, but the loco is also fitted with vacuum brakes, again the control and gauge are illustrated in the photos.

Mechanically she's been the subject of a recent re-bushed where necessary and skimmed up the crossheads and die block slides so she's nicely tightened up and freshly ready to go.  The tank incidentally is stainless so it should be nicely rust proof, and the frames are powder coated so it's pretty hardy and should stand up well to any use.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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