7 1/4" Bridget

Here we have a nice little 7 1/4" gauge 'Bridget' 0-4-2 made to the well respected and nicely detailed design by Ken Swan.  The drawings that Ken did for his designs were always nicely detailed and well conceived, and as a result the models we see tend to really nice things.  This one is no exception.  Whilst cosmetically she's in her 'working clothes' having been enjoyed by her previous owners, mechanically she's really nicely machined, and still pretty tight on all the bushes and bearings where it counts.  There's all the usual lovely details like the working sand box mechanism, operational front and rear dampers and the realistic treatment of the footplate detailing and backhead fittings that we are used to seeing on a Bridget, and it all makes for a very attractive loco.

Lubrication is mechanical, hidden under the front running board and driven from an eccentric.  There's an injector fitted as well as an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass valve and also a hand pump tucked away neatly inside the left hand tank.  The boiler is silver soldered copper and comes with both it's previous history as well as a fresh hydraulic test and fresh annual steam test so she's all sorted and ready to just be enjoyed.  Bridget is a freelance design, so there's no equivalent full size prototype, but it's convincingly done, and the result is a great little loco, particularly for anyone wanting to get started in 7 1/4" gauge without having to spend the larger sums of money that 'scale' prototype models command.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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