7 1/4" Exmoor 0-4-2T

Here we have an example of the very well respected 7 1/4" gauge 'Exmoor' built  locos.  A great many of these heavily engineered locos have been built by the Exmoor Steam Railway company over the years, in just about every one of the larger gauges conceivable for commercial use.  The design was very well conceived and the quality of build excellent.

Running until recently on a well known garden center railway, the loco has had a recent re-tube and is presented in good mechanical condition, well maintained cosmetic condition and is ticketed, tested and ready to go.  Unusually for us, this one is offered here for sale on behalf of a client, (hence the smaller number of photographs than usual!) and is a big lump,... so viewing would be in the midlands rather than here at TSW as normal.

For any more information, do please give us a bell on 07816 963463


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